Scouse was brought to Liverpool by Northern European sailors, it was originally called Labskause. This was finally shortened to Skause and over time the spelling changed to the name we have today, "Scouse" which is known worldwide.

The majority of people who ate Scouse were all mainly sailors and their families and eventually all sailors within Liverpool were referred to as Scousers. Nowadays, everyone from the region of Liverpool is known as a "Scouser".

Records show that it was also served to the inmates of the Birkenhead workshouse way back in 1864. The recipe was much simpler then than today's refined version but contained the same ingredients, meat, vegatables and potatoes.

Scouse holds a place in the heart of most Liverpudlian's as the taste of their hometown and is still eaten today by many families across Merseyside.

It can also be found in many cafes around the city as part of their menu and has always been available in the restaurants of the main hotels.

Everyone in Merseyside has heard of "Scouse" and recent research states that around 90% plus of people have tasted this delicious meal.

Beetroot & Crusty bread as side dishes.

Chopped parsley to finish.

Also a lot of people love to add brown sauce for extra flavour!

The above is a guide as everyone in Merseyside tends to either add extra ingredients or take one or two away to suit their individual taste.

There are many ways to cook "Scouse".
Families across the city have been cooking this meal for decades and ALL say that "they have their own way" to cook this dish!

To help you get started, please find below 2 different ways of making this delicious meal --

Example 1.
For taste, adjust the seasoning.
Example 2.
Some people like their "scouse" to resemble a thin soup, while others prefer a stodgy mush produced by a couple of hours of simmering.

And finally,